5 Tech Gadgets for the Book Enthusiast in You

Yes, books: they’re pieces of paper with scribbles written on them that could open up new worlds to you. But as we’re gradually approaching an age where paper is becoming more and more a depleting resource, it’s only proper that we opt for ways to enjoy books without harming Mother Nature in the process. As such, our day and age has given us enough tools to opt for a transition to paperless books. So, to all the book lovers and enthusiasts out there, here are 5 gadgets that not only aid you in the activity, but also do a huge favor in preserving the environment


  1. The Booksi Dock

What happens when you combine books with charging stations? Well, you get the Booksi Dock. This little charger that can do is a cute little piece of literature that also charges up your phone or tablet. Plus, you get to choose what kind of title you want your dock to be, so you can enjoy reading it after your gadget gets that much needed energy boost!

  1. 3000 Classic Books

Would you believe us if we told you that you can carry around 3000 books right in the palm of your hand? If not, then the joke’s on you: 3000 Classic Books is a handy flash drive that’s been pre-loaded with 3000 literary classics. Just imagine how much paper you get to save just by having this little memory stick. The answer: a whole lot!

  1. BENQ XL 2420G

So, what comes best with your 3000 Classic Books flash drive? Well, how about a beautiful, not to mention powerful, monitor to read your books on. Not only is its size more than enough for you to enjoy these timeless works of literature, but you can even use it for other purposes, such as gaming or work. This monitor is awesome. Period. And if you want to find out more about it, you can check out all the latest products and releases on this website right here. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Mini Lumio+

What’s one of the biggest problems bookworms all over the world have? Why, reading in the dark, of course! There’s nothing more annoying than having to work through the pages of your favorite book in low light conditions: it’s just difficult. However, worry no more as we present you with the Mini Lumio+! It’s a pocket light that you can whip out whenever you want to go back to your favorite story and light conditions are low. Hurray! Oh, and it also doubles as a phone charger. Talk about convenient!

  1. The Point and Click Dictionary

If you have a word you don’t understand, then your two options are either you go on google and search for it or you blow the dust off that dictionary and scan through it. But, there is now a third option that comes straight from the future! The Point and Click Dictionary is a device that only requires you to capture the word you’re looking for using its camera and it will automatically give you its meaning based on its pre-installed dictionary. Cool, right?!